Call for Papers

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Interested authors are encouraged to submit previously unpublished contributions from a broad range of topics related to information theory, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Information Theory in Biology
  • Communication and Storage
  • Information Theory in Computer Science
  • Coding Theory
  • Network Coding and Applications
  • Combinatorics and Information Theory
  • Network Data Analysis
  • Communication Theory
  • Network Information Theory
  • Complexity and Computation Theory
  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • Compressed Sensing and Sparsity
  • Quantum Information and Coding Theory
  • Cryptography and Security
  • Shannon Theory
  • Deep Learning for Communication Networks
  • Signal Processing
  • Distributed Storage
  • Source and Channel Modeling
  • Emerging Applications of Information Theory
  • Source Coding and Data Compression
  • Information Theory and Statistics
  • Wireless Communication and Networks /li>

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline for virtual track: January 3, 2023
Paper submission deadline for in-person track: January 22, 2023
Acceptance notification: April 22, 2023
Final manuscript submission: May 6, 2023
Early registration deadline: May 6, 2023

Double-Blind Policy

ISIT 2023 will follow a soft double-blind reviewing policy. This means that authors are required to make sure that their submitted paper does not reveal the identity of the authors in any way:

  • - Authors' names, affiliations, email addresses, and funding acknowledgments must not appear.
  • - References to own related work should be formulated in the third person (instead of "as we have shown in [1]..." write "as Moser et al. have shown in [1]...").
  • - Omitting references because of the double-blind policy is not permitted.
  • - Mentioning or including a reference to an extended version of the paper on arXiv (or elsewhere) is not permitted.

Note, however, that the double-blind policy is soft in the sense that we do not forbid the publication of the work on arXiv, but only advise against it.

To compensate for these restrictions, the page limit is increased to 5+1+5 pages:

  • 5 page-paper
  • optional 1 page with references
  • only optional 5 page-appendix for further details, proofs etc.
  • All pages are double-column. For more formatting details, see the corresponding LaTeX-template.
  • The additional 5-page appendix needs to be removed from the final version of the paper that is published in the proceedings.
Download Template ISIT2023

Student Paper Award

A paper that is eligible for the student paper award should contain "THIS PAPER IS ELIGIBLE FOR THE STUDENT PAPER AWARD." at the beginning of the abstract.

Hybrid Conference: 2 Tracks

ISIT 2023 will be hybrid. There is an "in-person track" and a "virtual track". Note the different submission deadlines for the two tracks, and note that the number of presentation slots in the virtual track is limited and that therefore a virtual presentation slot cannot be guaranteed.

The virtual track will consist of live presentations of one of the authors during the regular conference time in front of a mixed virtual and live audience, i.e., the in-person attendees of the conference will be able to join the virtual sessions live in the conference center. Pre-recorded videos will not be accepted.

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