Papers Submission

Authors are strongly encouraged to use LaTeX to format their manuscript. Please use the following template:

We would like to recall the most important guidelines:
  • The manuscripts are limited to 5+1+5 pages in double-column format:
    • 5 pages of main text
    • optional 1 page containing only references
    • optional 5-page appendix for further details, proofs, etc.
  • The manuscript must be in accordance to a double-blind policy:
    • no authors' names, affiliations, email addresses, or funding acknowledgments
    • references to own related work formulated in the third person
    • no reference to an extended version of the paper on arXiv (or elsewhere)
  • Papers eligible for the student paper award:
    • the corresponding flag in the meta data in EDAS should be ticked
    • the sentence "THIS PAPER IS ELIGIBLE FOR THE STUDENT PAPER AWARD." should be added at the beginning of the abstract
  • Hybrid conference with 2 tracks: in-person track and virtual track:
    • tracks have different submission deadlines
    • number of presentation slots in the virtual track is limited, i.e., a virtual presentation slot cannot be guaranteed
    • the virtual track will consist of live presentations of one of the authors during the regular conference time in front of a mixed virtual and live audience
    • pre-recorded videos will not be accepted
More details can be found in the LaTeX-template file.
The papers are submitted via the EDAS platform only:
Click here to submit your paper using EDAS

Submission deadlines

virtual track: January 3, 2023, 23:59 Taiwan Time (UTC+8)
Paper submission deadline for in-person track: January 22, 2023February 5, 2023, 23:59 Taiwan Time (UTC+8)